A Mouse Colony Management Program by and for Mouse Researchers

Proven to save A LOT of time and money on mouse work

Use E-MouseLab to:

  • Ease mouse work from maintaining wild type strains to generating compound mutant lines.
  • Integrate various mouse data into one place for conveniently searching, analyzing and logging.


E-mouse lab saves me hours of time every week. It is intuitive, easy to use, and meticulously organized. I especially like the features that remind me when I need to wean or attend to certain cages. Additionally, instead of having stacks of papers for genotyping and phenotyping, all of my data is conveniently kept in one place. My feedback about the program is incorporated into updates, making me feel as if the program is customized for my mouse room. I recommend E-mouselab to anyone who would like to have a more organized mouse room for half the time!

Sharolyn Kawakami-Schulz

The mouse program allows access to multiple users at once whether you’re in the lab or in the mouse room. You can search for a mouse by date of birth, the mouse’s parents, genotype, etc. whereas in the binder, you had to know the mouse’s ID number. Plus, the program has a census feature so you can see all of the mice in their exact location on the racks in all of the rooms. The program will even sort the census cages by project, cage type, etc. The census used to be done in an Excel document. The same information would have to be typed or cut-and-paste repeatedly without the option of drop-down menu’s that the mouse program provides. Now, each lab member can maintain his/her mouse colony easily and know the status of all of his/her mice allowing experiments to run much more smoothly.

Amber Lashua